Relieves stress & stimulates overall immunity

Introducing Yali

Introducing Yali – India’s first nationally acclaimed Herbal Drinking Water – designed and manufactured by Rayudu™ Bio-Organics, Hyderabad. Through Yali we process and purify drinking water and infuse it with the essence of refreshing natural herbs, giving you the ultimate natural beverage. What’s more, each of our Herbal Water Products comes with a triple-tier guarantee: tastier water, better health and longer energy levels all day long.

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New Way Of Hydrating!

Yali Feel the Difference
Yali Feel the Difference

Start a healthy day with Tulsi Herbal water

Ocimum tenuiflorum, better known as Tulsi in India or Holy Basil in the West, is a recognized herbal medicine. It is renowned for its curative and regenerative properties. It discourages growth of cancerous cells, creates hormonal balance, lowers stress levels in the body, facilitates dental health, and is loved by adolescents for fighting off acne. In fact, when it comes to Tulsi, there seem to be no known ill-effects at all!

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Our Products

Yali Herbal Drinking Water is available across Telangana packaged in convenient, easy-to-reuse, water bottles in capacities of 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. You can use our large packs of herbal water bottles to provide for outdoor and indoor events such as family get-togethers, parties, inaugural functions, sports events and so on. Our small packs are designed to suffice your day-to-day household needs. They can easily fit into a small bag to carry to school, office or general outdoor work.

Be Natural-Be Herbal-Be Healthy!